We provide you with a high-quality dryer that is efficient and cost-effective,
for the maximization of your production rate.

Hollow Paddle Dryer

  • Produce intimate mixing, optimize heat transfer and provide self-cleaning feature

  • Efficient, compact, less space requirements and low installation cost

Hollow Paddle Kawan Engineering
Conveyor Kawan Engineering

Conveyor Dryer

  • Works on all kinds of heat sources, such as hot air, steam or hot oil

  • Ideal for wood chips, oil palm fronds, empty fruit bunch

Rotary Dryer

  • Wet materials are loaded from one end and travel spiral continuously.

  • Generally used for empty food bunch and other materials for high volume of production

Rotary Kawan Engineering
Mesh Belt 1 Kawan Engineering

Mesh Belt Dryer

  • Continuous cross-flow equipment for large scale production of low drying rate materials

  • Each drying unit is equipped with air heating and circulation system.