Heating Boilers & Steam Generators

Heating Boilers & Steam Generators


Electrical Boilers

Designed and built to ASME code and standard. Coupled with robust heating elements. Very efficient, clean and environmental friendly.


Hot Water Boiler

High efficiency process heating for hospital, hotel, laundry, food processing plant & other hot water operation. Available in gas, fuel firing or electrical heating.


Thermal Oil Heater & Electrical Thermal Oil Heater

The latest design in thermal fluid heating technology. Inherited technology from Wanson, Belgium and Aquaheat New Zealand. Available in vertical & horizontal installation.


Steam Generator

Once – through forced circulation coil boiler offering substantial cost – saving features. Quick steam generation, for steam output up to 5,562 kg/hr. Come with gas fuel oil firing & electrical heating.


Waste Heat Steam Generator / Clean Steam Generator

Harness free energy exhaust flue gas from boiler and industrial process fluids to generate steam. Steam generator capacity ranges from 100kg/h to 6000kg/h. Suitable for food, pharmaceutical and other process industry. Clean steam generator and super heaters are custom designed and made.


Heat Tube Economizer & Heat Reclaim System

Using UK patented design from Econotherm Heat Pipe Technology. High efficiency waste heat recovery for saving operation cost.