pressure vessel Kawan Engineering

Pressure Vessels

A wide range of unfired pressure vessel are customized design by using PV-Elite. Fabricating efficiency & cost effective for various type of industrial and commercial applications. Qualified to ASME “U” Stamp Standard.

Autoclave / Retort

A series of autoclave / sterilizer / retort are designed for sterilizing, vulcanizing, composite bounding, culturing, dewaxing, canning, simulating & testing, vacuum progress impregnateuticaling.

autoclave Kawan Engineering
spd Kawan Engineering

Agitated Thin Film Evaporator (ATFE) & Short Path Distillator (SPD)

SPD is a consistently performing high precision molecular separation and distillation works in biodiesel, bio-lubricant and palm peripherals products.

Storage Tank Farm / SILO

Liquid storage tank are designed to meet standard API 650. Bulk storage and silos are made to meet customer’s requirements.

storage tank 2 Kawan Engineering


Skid Kawan Engineering

Piping / Skid for Process Plants

Licensed Gas Piping Contractor by Department of Occupational Safety & Health (DOSH) Malaysia and also Department of Electricity & Gas Supply Malaysia (JBEG). Using sophisticated software CADWorx for designing 3D & Isometric Plant / Skid piping.

PLC, DCS Plant Automation

In-house grown specialist master in brands of DCS & PLC and SCADA programs like Siemens, Omron, GE-Fanuc, Allen Bradley, Citech, Schneider, Mitshubishi, etc.

plc Kawan Engineering
Sanitary Tank Kawan Engineering

Fermenter, Seed Tanks, Sanitary Tanks
(Food / Pharmaceutical / Fermentation)

Mechanical polished and electro-polished to meet different requirements for food, pharmaceutical and fermentation processing equipment at works and at site.

Hydraulic Jacking Storage Tank Farm, Stand Jacking Installation

Liquid storage tanks are designed to meet standard API 650. Erection by hydraulic Jacking.

CJ Storage Tank Kawan Engineering

Power Plant

Power Plant Kawan Engineering

Power Plant

  • New / Upgrade of Turbine

  • Service & Maintenance of Turbine

  • Steam Condensing System

  • ≤10 MW Biomass-Based Power Plant