Thermal Systems & Energy Saving

Thermal Systems & Energy Saving

Electric Steam Boiler

Designed and built to ASME code and standard. Coupled with robust heating elements. Very efficient, clean and environmental friendly.

Hot Water Boiler & Pressured Water System

High efficiency process heating for hospital, hotel, laundry, food processing plant & other hot water operation. Available in gas, fuel firing or electrical heating.

Thermal Oil Heater & Electrical Thermal Oil Heater

The latest design in thermal fluid heating technology. Inherited technology from Wanson, Belgium and Aquaheat New Zealand. Available in vertical & horizontal installation.

Economizer & Energy Saving

Using UK patented design from Econotherm Heat Pipe Technology. High efficiency waste heat recovery for saving operation cost.

Steam Generator

Once – through forced circulation coil boiler offering substantial cost – saving features. Quick steam generation, for steam output up to 5,562 kg/hr. Come with gas fuel oil firing & electrical heating.


Steam, water, electric or other primaries. Direct or indirect cylinders. Up to 15,000 L of storage.

Thermal Deaerator

Remove corrosive gases like O2 & CO2 in feed water, Reduce boiler chemical cost.

Waste Heat Steam Generator

Multiple Effects Evaporator

Clean Steam Generator

Ultra-Low Frequency Reactor