Water & Environmental

Water & Environmental

filterpress Kawan Engineering

Filter Press

Low Weight-easy to handle. Excellent chemical resistance-no corrosion.

Inclined Plate/ Tube Settlers Clarifier

The capacity of clarifier is made to order. We have constructed and installed up to 400m3/hr per unit for raw water treatment whereas for the size is relatively smaller for waste water treatment.

Clarifier Kawan Engineering
daf Kawan Engineering

Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF)

German technology DAF utilizes on high surface tension theory of water molecules under effect of dissolved high pressure compressed air to transfer solids to the liquid surface through attachment of fine air bubbles to solid particles.

Pressure Filter & DI Columns

A wide range of Pressure Filter are offered for industrial application.

Softener 214x300 Kawan Engineering
MDG Kawan Engineering

Membrane De-Gasifier

Zero Discharge Water Treatment

Zero Discharge Kawan Engineering
Moving Bed Kawan Engineering

Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor