Water & Sludge Treatment Equipment



Calorifier provide the ultimate solution to space saving, power regulation, fluctuation in demand and energy saving. Provide hot water for hotels & hospitals around S.E.A.






Widely used for the removal of air and other dissolved gases from the feed water to steam generating boilers. Energy saving & performance guarantee.






Filter Press

Efficient liquid – solid separation in various industrial applications such as waste water sludge, palm oil fractionation, bio-diesel polishing, food processing, etc. Available in stainless steel, aluminium, PP.




Dissolved Air Floatation System (DAF)

German Technology DAF utilizes on high surface tension theory of water molecules under effect of dissolved high pressure compressed air to transfer solids to the liquid surface through attachment of fine air bubbles to solid particles.



Pressure Filter & DI Columns

A wide range of water multimedia filters, demineralised column, softeners, rubber-lined vessels are offered for industrial application. Operations available are either automatic, semi-automatic and also manual.



Inclined Plate or Tube Settler Clarifier

Clarifier for waste water and raw water treatment plant. Enhanced performance with tube settler, inclined plates, vertical up flow or conventional flocculating center well.


Sludge Dryer Kawan Engineering


Efficient drying for palm Empty Fruit Bunch (EFB), palm sludge, PKC, industrial waste. Heating by steam / hot oil / hot air / waste flue gas.